“The truth is out there”


Seriespot is an independent magazine for quality television fiction lovers. Founded in Barcelona, it was born with the ambition to become a platform dedicated exclusively to TV news and series, both European and international.

Facing the lack of versatile pages that contained everything we needed in one click (we’re talking about the middle of 2008), we leaped into the arduous adventure of creating a blog. Not a random blog, but THE BLOG. A space for people that, like us, was looking for something different. A new way of seeing things, of comprehending the new paradigm TV fiction was facing, not only in the quality of the productions but also of the moral topics of them.

As a blog, Seriespot is currently facing a more ambitious period. With the proliferation of new-age fiction proposals, Seriespot reveals the urgency to support brave creators that can contribute to generating a new conversation around human condition. We are convinced that visual art represents the problems and fears of each society so it is our mission to help viewers to provide the tools to identify these messages and learn how to decode them correctly.

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