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queen charlote drinking a cup of tea

Bridgerton, a new Netflix historical nonsense

From producer Shonda Rhimes the last Netflix’ hit, Bridgerton, has surpassed any expectations. Based on Julia Quinn’s novels, the show depicts the Regency period in England like never before. And not because of its original plot but for the lack of any historial accuracy (and free will) on it. Bridgerton aims to talk about love, responsability and women’s emancipation. But what is true the result? Let’s find out.

The blind priest

In today’s article I would like to write about on whether there is a crisis in the religious representation in contemporary TV western and specifically, because this topic could be very extensive, I wanted to focus on the figure of the priest, which is still a representation of God on earth. This figure, that of the priest, is reformulated as we have known it up to now: we start to talk about priests who fall ill, who become blind and die, either by the action of others or by divine grace, or to go a step further, they disappear from the story.